Being moved

Being moved. Foto: Geir Ertzgaard

It’s Sunday again, and week 3 of the X/52 project. Subject this time was «Movement», delivered by Anne Ueland. It’s an open subject, movement can go in all directions, including inwards and outwards, like inner movements creating the outward shakes.

This was captured in our studio, with the sun in from the right of the subject, who is my daughter Ingrid. This gave a strong light difficult to battle with the studio lighting, but also creating exciting shadows and colors that I think gave strenght to this colorful image. Shot with a softbox at 45 degrees at 1/4 of full strength with long shutter speds and 2nd curtain.

You’ll find the other participants for this week’s  X/52 at

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    • Geir
      Geir says:

      Jeg er veldig enig, Jan Ivar. I veldig stor grad blir studiobilder upersonlige og kunstige. Foretrekker som deg levd liv og virkelige situasjoner. Det var derfor jeg ville gjøre det på denne måten, og syns vel jeg har lyktes ganske bra.

    • Geir
      Geir says:

      Thanks, Marcie. I usually don’t put too much effort into planning a shoot, but this time I spent quite some time to settle the idea. Glad you liked it. I did too:D


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