It’s been a long time since I posted anything on the X/52 project, but the challenge from my brother was one I just wanted to take. He wrote:

What I want you to do, is to get out of doors and capture the weather – good or bad.

Ståle @ x/52

I didn’t find the weather, but but I found it’s consequences. Along the route there where bench on bench – solitary benches with the melancholy memory of the warm, romantic summer evenings that visited us not that long ago, or hopeful of what is to come, or lonely benches looking towards a cold and solitary winter of storms and freezing cold.

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  1. Marcie
    Marcie says:

    What a lovely series of images. There’s something about empty benches…about longing and loss and the need to fill them with people. Maybe it was the weather’s mood that inspired these??? Nice ‘prompt’ from your brother!

  2. Ståle
    Ståle says:

    Mmmm. Disse bildene likte jeg. Favoritten min er kanskje nr 3, faktisk. Den enslige greina og benken som «kikker» utover mot storhavet langt der ute, var det noe spesielt med. Likte også den duse, nesten matte fargen på hovedbildet ditt – og sollyset som strekker seg ned mot fjroden. Vakkert. Og jommen hadde du funnet været også. Selv om det kanskje ikke var det du var på utkikk etter. Antydning av finvær er også vær, vet du 🙂
    Takk for bidraget!


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