Støv på Mombasaveien

The Athi Plains south of Nairobi used to be an extension of the Rift Valley ripe with mammal life. Nowadays it is an extension of the suburbs of Nairobi, but still a beautiful place to experience, especially when the sun gets low and the colors change, although admittedly here helped along with the services of postproduction.

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  1. Mzunguman ( Steven)
    Mzunguman ( Steven) says:

    Lived in Ibubi North West of Lake Victoria as well as Nairobi ( Joseph kengetha Rd by Nakumat) for 5 years, raining like hell there right now.Nice picture , do you ever venture into Kibira ? Know it is risky taking photos inside of there , I too am a white man married to a Luyiah who father is Byrum Makokha president of the church of god there. I am living in Mt.Shasta northern California now



  2. The White Zulu
    The White Zulu says:

    Thanks, Ivar and Marcie. It’s almost a feat not to find spectacular skies above Kenya, and I admit to have tweaked reality a little here. But spectacular it is in real life, too.
    Mzunguman, Thanks for passing by. I haven’t been inside Kibera, and I’d never go there without someone who knows the township well. I drove along the edge of Kibera on the Ngong Road side a couple of weeks ago, and just by driving on the edge of the township gave me a sense of the uncontrollable that I usually don’t have other places, including Mathare. Kibera is huge, and something hard to imagine if you haven’t seen it for real.
    I’ve been visiting Kenya regularly for the last five years, and spent three years there in the Seventies in Embu and Nairobi.


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