by Geir


Concerto ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Doing things I ordinarily don’t do is a good thing. It freshens up things turning stale, like shooting pictures from a concert when I prefer portrait or street, or editing in Lightroom when Aperture is my opus. This image, for instance, was captured in a sports hall, and the edits were done in a software I barely know, but now know has functions I only can dream about in Aperture. Like creating this cartoonish version of a concert with a big American band in a small Norwegian outpost.

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Marcie 7. november 2011 - 21:10

Always good to try new stretch and grow!! Love the resultant image..and it looks like a fun time was had by all!

Drea 20. november 2011 - 17:31

Konsertfoto er dritgøy! 😀

Geir 26. november 2011 - 14:48

Jepp, med de rette rammene. Dritgøy at du stikker innom her også!


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