The Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Ferry

The Tooth Fairy. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

The Tooth Fairy is a harbinger of joy. If someone deserves this title, it must be this girl at the same old Siem Reap market. Technically the image was a disaster, but the face was too good to leave aside.


I had to do a b&w conversion in Aperture, then blur the background, dodge the face, add sharpness, overlay and noise so in the end it didn’t turn out too bad. There’s a lot you can do in Aperture 3, leaving the need to fine tune an image in Photoshop  only to very specific tasks.

And here’s another version where I’ve done a heavier dodging and added a frame.


Tooth Ferry framed

The Tooth Fairy framed. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

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  1. Simen S. sier:

    Stakkar henne! Jeg får vondt i magen!

    Ellers er jeg enig med deg i at utvisking av bakgrunnen var det rette!

  2. Marcie sier:

    A wonderful happy image of a beautiful girl..who clearly suffers. Love how you’ve managed to bring out the joy in her!

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