Inside the Lighthouse at Tungenes, Randaberg. Each lighthouse has it's signature flashing system, this specific one guiding sailors 25 km's out to sea. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

There are more than 200 lighthouses along the 25 148 kilometers (15626 miles) long Norwegian Coastline (83 000 km’s including islands). The first was built at Lindesnes in 1655, and the final automatization of the lighthouses was completed in 1992. There is drama connected with the lighthouses, built on treacherous rocks and dangerous islets along the storm ridden coast, the lighthouse guardians spent isolated lives either alone or with their families for months and years. In the early 1800’s pirates rode the waves with government consent, threatening busy merchant ships sailing the Continent and the British Isles. They’ve seen the ocean wrecking fishing weasels, and have been indispensable for making trade possible. Each of lighthouse has it’s own signature flashing routine to differentiate one lighthouse from another. Ignored for everything except their aesthetical beauty, if one were to write a Norwegian Adventure tale in the Wilbur Smith mode, you don’t have to go further than the lighthouses of the Norwegian coastline.

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  1. Simen S.
    Simen S. says:

    Jeg synes fyrlykter er så flotte. Alle har sin egen personlighet; til og med de nyeste har det.

    Jeg undres med bildet ditt; I bakkant av lykten sees sjøen oppe og himmelen nede. Har det med brytninger i glass å gjøre?


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