Portraying Anthony

Anthony is leaving for the States on Tuesday. It’s been a pleasure getting to know him, and to see him prove himself as a photographer. Last night I got the chance to take som portraits of Anthony and Lydia, and used the opportunity to do some portraits of Anthony in the studio. This is one of the results. Using a softbox at 45 degrees and an umbrella at 90 degrees did the trick. I think it worked quite well.

My brother had a look at this version, and gave me some feedback on composition. So i tried a new version where Anthony was placed a little more on the side, allowing his stare the cross the space like a diagonal. I think this works well, too, but at the same time it suppresses the differentness of the first version. Like the one you will.

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    • Geir
      Geir says:

      En del bilder blir til spontant. Men dette var faktisk litt bevisst. Tanken er å vise en litt tenksom Anthony, litt liten i den store sammenhengen, med høy himmel over seg. Noe i den duren der som ikke hadde kommet fram hvis jeg hadde valgt en mer klassisk tilnærming.


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