The Black Panther

Our own Black Panther

Our own Black Panther

I seem to be in a portraiture mood at the moment. I shot this image today at a cabin at a place called Månafossen in Frafjord, Rogaland.

I really don’t know if the Black Panther label is a politically inflamed term, forty years after the fists of the the athletes at the Mexico Olympics in 1968. I hope not, as this was the first term that came to my mind after seeing this image on my iMac. This is Anthony, a real nice guy from Houston and one of my all time favorite Americans. He’s our personal black panther, and just to make it clear: When I think of black panthers I think of grace and power.

The image was shot handheld using a 30mm sigma at f1.4 with ambient light and no effects. The usual postproduction in Photoshop CS4 with overlay blending, a high pass filter, and adjusting of exposere, and of course a little noise handling with Nik Dfine 2.0.

Anthony: You leave a powerful image!