Just another kitchen

Just another kitchen

Just another kitchen

Just another kitchen? Maybe we would say it isn’t , but for most people it is. You take what you have, and use it well – as opposed to our «you take what you want, and then one more».

But does our food turn out more tasty or well cooked? Naah.

Not a dramatic or classic image, but reality none the less.


Melon lady

Green balls

Green balls ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Same market, different trades.  One can’t complain about the goods on offer, and healthy it is, too!




Who? ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

I don’t know who he is, nor his age. He’s probably a little younger than me, which means he was a teenager in the Seventies. I don’t know his history, what dreams he dreams or nightmares he lives through. What I know, is that he gives of his time, that he meets me and my camera with a friendly smile, and that somehow we can relate.


It happens in Cambodia all the time. Without a common language the only way of contact is through shared time,  a smile and a handshake.

But who he is? I really don’t know.




Concentration ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Time for a return to my series of images from the market town outside Siem Reap in Cambodia. This time a young woman fully concentrated on her task of … well, that’s your guess as good as mine. The point is, dingity and beauty go hand in hand.


The Vegetable Woman


The Vegetable Woman. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Together with rice and fish, vegetables make up the third important of the Cambodian diet, which makes the vegetable woman at the Siem Reap market such an important person.

Waiting for customers

Waiting for  customers

Waiting for customers. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

What often beats me visiting markets around the world, is that most days there are more sellers than customers, be it at the Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong or in this small market in Siem Reap.

I admire their patience as they wait, sometimes for days, for that all important sale to keep the business floating. Come to think of it: What is her life all about?

The Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Ferry

The Tooth Fairy. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

The Tooth Fairy is a harbinger of joy. If someone deserves this title, it must be this girl at the same old Siem Reap market. Technically the image was a disaster, but the face was too good to leave aside.


I had to do a b&w conversion in Aperture, then blur the background, dodge the face, add sharpness, overlay and noise so in the end it didn’t turn out too bad. There’s a lot you can do in Aperture 3, leaving the need to fine tune an image in Photoshop  only to very specific tasks.

And here’s another version where I’ve done a heavier dodging and added a frame.


Tooth Ferry framed

The Tooth Fairy framed. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Fish Basket

Basket of Fish

A Basket full of Fish. ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

I’m not quite finished with the fish yet, here prepared and made palatable even for fishi fiends like me.