Food for meditation?

Food for meditation? ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

Have you ever asked yourself what Buddhist monks eat? Thought so, just proves that there is no end to what to query in life.

What I do know, is that buddhist monks start every day around the time the rest of us get to bead, walking the paths and streets of Soutehast Asia asking people for alms. And people turn up, way before sunrise, to cater for empty bellies of hungry people in yellow frocks.

I’m sure that one of the most common items in the food basket of the wellwishing Buddhist in the Siem Reap area is fish, plenty of fish, tons of fish, from the Tomle Sap lake that covers large parts of northwest Cambodia.

Tempting? No. Appetizing? Aromatic? Definitely, but not in ways I consider tasty. But extremely nourishing, and people love it. Like it or not, I think it’s  right to say that if you haven’t tasted the small fish of Tomle Sap, you haven’t been to Cambodia.


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