Would you buy this boat?

Would you buy this boat?

Would you buy this boat?It's second hand and comes cheap at 250 000$.

I recently registered officially as a one man company (in Norwegian «enkeltmannsforetak») to see whether I can get something out of my experience as a teacher, photographer and travel organizer. Today I did a quick job for the first time for a friend of mine. The location was not very photo friendly, the lights were difficult, but I have no excuse, only a challenge: Make this boat sellable. So here are a series of images to sell a second hand boat. My question is: Would you based in these images consider buying the boat?

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  1. Marcie
    Marcie says:

    Based on your images – I’d definitely buy that boat. Based on my boating experience???…probably not the best idea! How exciting to be starting a new business venture!


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