Purple daze

Purple Daze

Purple Daze

Purple Daze ©2012 Geir Ertzgaard

During the day you won’t believe that Sunday Times rated Pranang Beach in Krabi as the world’s third most beautiful beach three years ago. During the day the whole place is full of Longtails spewing out diesel and creating noise havock. But come sunset, they mostly disappear and you are left alone with one or two boats hopeful of getting late customers. Then peace settles on the beach, and you understand what the people from Sunday Times were thinking.
[EXPAND See full image]I usually don’t do these kinds of pictures, and tend to stick to true colors. But the evening at Phranang Beach was a too tempting situation to leave the white balance to auto. One might think that these kinds of images are hard to create, but they’re as easy as anything else, just check out how your camera handles the white balance, and delve into the options you have.
Purple Daze

Purple Daze ©2012 Geir Ertzgaard


One Comment on “Purple daze

Framed and shot
15. april 2012 at 12:12 pm

Good choice to strengthen the tones of purple – makes the image more focused on light and silhouettes. This is really a nice one – and make us want to travel again!!


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