News! A portal for Norwegian Photo Bloggers

A web site for Norwegian photo bloggers

A web site for Norwegian photo bloggers

I’ve got some good news today. There are plenty of clever and capable Norwegian Photo Bloggers out there, but until now you’ve had to do the haystack hunt to find them. Not so anymore. Enter Norwegian photobloggers, a portal where Norwegian photo bloggers can promote their site, search out other phloggers, get inspiration, ratings and comments from members of the site.

There has been an explosion in the interest for photography in Norway the last couple of years, thanks to the digital revolution. From what I can see, the quality of both photoblogs and their content is excellent, and I advice any of my English language readers to visit the site, look up photo blogs and get inspiration for your own. The site is Norwegian language only, but many of the photo blogs registered are English language sites. And, luckily, photography is a language in itself, a language that doesn’t always need words.

The people behind the site are Erik Drabløs, a very talented photographer and multitasker, and myself. Please spread the news. This winter there will be a parallell site promoting African photographers.

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