Picture friendly guy

by Geir

One for the future

One for the future ©2011 Geir Ertzgaard

They weren’t all monks, the youth surrounding us at Wat Preypadoav. This kind face followed us throughout our walk around the compound, and didn’t mind me taking some pictures of him. Somehow I thnk he was used to people visiting the pagoda taking pictures of the people there. But he never asked for money or other services the way you would expect young people to do at places like Angkor. But maybe I should bring him this picture when I return next year?


Ivar 11. juli 2011 - 20:14

I like this , he looks somewhat curious at what you’re doing… Really like all the colors that are in this pic… a wonderful blend.

Geir 11. juli 2011 - 20:51

Thank you, Ivar. What I like about this image, is the calm curiosity of the guy. We have a good connection, and he isn’t posing, which makes this a real life situation. I also like the colors.
Good to see you back here again.

Anne 12. juli 2011 - 05:19

Det perfekte alvorlige inntrykket som gjør at ens egen hjerne settes i sving, en vil bare vite så mye er om denne unge gutten, høre hans historie.

God er du Geir, rågod!

Marcie 12. juli 2011 - 11:34

Definitely bring him the picture. What a wonderful…sweet portrait!


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