Quintessentially Ethiopian middle class

by Geir

A couple at a café on the road to Addis Ababa

Fine looking man, beautiful girl, the quintessential look of any modern café anywhere in Africa. It’s easy to project an image of Africa of wild animals or happy but poor kids. But the affilient classes are larger than you think, and lovers having their afternoon coffee in a chick café is the norm just as much as that street kid is.

Jan Ivar might ask: Why this image? To portray daily life, ordinary and a little surprising in it’s mundanity maybe? It represents what is the norm more than we like to think, I like the communication between the couple, the clean look and the strong color on the wall.


Silje 11. desember 2010 - 23:22

I like this photo.

As you say, this is (also) Africa. And it could be anywhere else in the world.

The wild animals of the continent are well known representatives, but sometimes, it is worth noting all those things we have in common, rather than to search for the exotic differences.

Geir 20. desember 2010 - 09:03

True, sometimes it’s almost scary how much we have in common. The differences are often larger between the people of a country than across continents. One might say: Middle classes of the world, Unite!

Framed and Shot 12. desember 2010 - 15:44

Great shot of a cool couple in «their natural habitat». You are probably right in the stereotypes we hold of Africa. We like the picture – the colours and the simple lines in the composition.

Geir 20. desember 2010 - 09:05

As always, I’m glad you liked it.The strengths here are with the «moment» and the colors, and hopefully the message: Look how much alike we are.

Marcie 12. desember 2010 - 17:58

Wonderful candid image and scene..and I especially love the colors!

Geir 20. desember 2010 - 09:06

Yes, I can see similiarities with the colors I often find in your beautiful images.

Ivar 19. desember 2010 - 23:17

I like the candid feel to it along with the great colors… Most norwegians could learn to use colors from shots like this.

Geir 20. desember 2010 - 09:07

That is very true, although looking at the Facebook Generation, things are changing. But we have to wait a bit before the houses and walls around us turn as colorful as this.

sherri 13. januar 2011 - 05:46

For such a happy setting, the people don’t look too enthused. The girl looks sad…or tired.

Geir 13. januar 2011 - 18:24

I like your observation, Sherri. It makes you start thinking.


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