26. jan 2011

Uke 4: Sitatet – The Titian Committee

Skrevet av kl. 7:00 pm i kategorien Pears, Iain,Sitatet

I dag begynner en ny «serie» her på Skrift. Etter inspirasjon fra Labben på Migrating Coconuts gjengis et sitat fra ukas lesing. Og så får vi håpe at det er noe vel verd å sitere fra hver uke, da…

«Van Heteren, as his name suggested, was Dutch. She had prepared herself for a nwrvy little man who could twitch and fidget in six languages simultaneosly. The impression, half-formed though it was, was about as inaccurate as it was possible to imagine.

He was enormous. Not fat, just enormous. About the same size as the isle of Elba, give or take an acre. Lots of hair which stuck out as though he had recently been electrocuted and a beard that was trimmed every three days with a hedge cutter. A crippling handshake, a wide, pockmarked face which was quite remarably ugly, although oddly friendly at the same time. An open technicoloured shirt that was in striking contrast to the dullnes of his eues, the muted way he greeted her and the distracted way he talked.»

Fra The Titian Committee av Iain Pears

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