On Ice

Panning and movement is a fun way of using the camera. But what is the value of these kinds of images? From the previous attempt and from discussions in other places this is a type of photography that has it’s fans but also it’s opponents. I’ve tried to follow Jan Ivars advice here, and do something with the colors, but that aside: Do you like images where the main point of interest isn’t sharp or in focus? What’s your stand on panned images?

This image is the last of my series from the Mos Pond (Mosvannet) for now, and what you see are two children skating back and forth in front of me. They were having a lovely time, and that’s what I’m trying to portray.
Notice: My camera was full of sensor dust. I’m aware of this specific weakness in the image thanks to the well grounded comments by Jan Ivar. Where do you think the limit is for publishing a ready image? Can sensor dust be accepted, or should one do as much as one can to remove it – something I have done here.